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The Main Dish is located at 913 Broadway, Marysville Kansas,  on the Historic Koester Block.
Bierocks-$13.95(pan of 4)
Bacon Cheeseburger Bundles-$13.95(pan of 4)
B.B.Q Meatball-2serv $10.95    4serv  $13.95
Hashbrown Casserole-sm-$6.95   med-$9.95  Lg.-$16.95
Beef  Chimichangas w/ Monterey Rice-2serv $12.95   4serv  $19.95
Lasagna-sm-$12.95     Lg-$24.95
Alfredo Chicken Lasagna-sm-$12.95      Lg-$24.95
Chicken Enchiladas- 2serv-$12.95    4serv-$24.95   
Salisbury Steak-2serv-$12.95        4serv-24.95
Hungarian Chicken 2serv. $12.95    4serv-$24.95
Meatloaf w/Mashed Potatoes  2serv-$12.95    4serv-24.95
Stromboli- 1/2 loaf- $10.95    Full Loaf-$19.95     
Chicken Pot Pie--sm-$12.95  Lg-$23.95
Manicotti-- 2serv $12.95   4 serv- $24.95
Ribs and Kraut w/potatoes--2serv.$12.95       
Beef and Cheese Enchiladas--2serv-$12.95
Chicken Florentine Penne--2serv-$12.95

  Breakfast Casseroles
                Ham, Egg, & Hash brown  Small-12.95   Large-21.95
                Sausage, Egg, & Hash Brown  Small-12.95   Large-21.95
Baked Items-
                Cookies-------------------------$5.50 dozen
Braided Bread-----------------$7.95 a loaf
Carrot Cake------------------------$17.95
Fruit Pies--------------------------.
                   (Apple, Cherry, Peach)---$12.95
                   Specialty Flavors-----------$13.95
 Pumpkin Roll---------------------$18.49        
Pre-orders are welcome! Contact us to order your favorite Main Dish! (785)562-5544 or email us at themaindish@att.net
Gift Certificates Available  Great gift idea for new mom's, teachers, family, and friends.
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